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Well, good morning, Di. Thanks for coming to your appraisal session this morning. Today, I would like to just remind you about the process, just to let you know that today is about you and that we are going to set goals and we are going to review your goals over the last 12 months. But we are first going to review the three points, the strategic, behavioural, and personal objectives that you have been able to do over the last 12 months.

Thanks, Damien, and thank you for the email with the document you sent relating to the appraisal. I have taken some time to look at them, and about my performance over the last 12 months, and I have also taken the opportunity to gather some evidence to support my findings, which I hope I can refer to during this meeting.

Great. Well, thanks for doing that, Di. I really appreciate it. It will make, hopefully, my life a bit easier in this meeting of ours. Before we start, let us look at how you have performed over last 12 months, and there is going to be three points that we are going to look at that was goals and targets that were set for yourself. We had asked you to increase our customer base by 75%. We had also asked you to ensure a customer satisfaction rate of 95%. And then the final point is increased our productivity by 50%. How do you feel that you have performed against these?

Well, as you may be aware, during the year, I have worked hard to increase my skills within my role. I have shadowed three colleagues so that I could boost my product knowledge. Having done this, I feel I am now in a better position to help customers when they call, so rather than passing them around to my colleagues, I am now able to help them with the queries. I find sometimes customers now specifically ask for me when they phone, and this has helped increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Because I have this information, I have been able to use my time a little more wisely. I have been passing on skills to other team members, which has reduced the wasted time aspect of a call. In addition, I have enforced some new process guides to help the effectiveness of the team. An example of this includes the tracking system for our customers by taking a little time each day to update our system. I can tell you at any point the exact stage of the customer's journey, and this has prevented the need to track down paperwork and waste time in this area.

Excellent. I really like your examples, and I liked how you reviewed your notes. Please continue, and feel free to do that throughout the meeting. Di, as you might know, my job and my responsibility are not actually heavily involved in the process. But I can see, as from your examples, that you have had a great part to play in the success of our company, and we really appreciate that. I do have a question for you, though, Di, and it is customer base. I would like to explore further on the customer base, could you clarify your thoughts on how you have contributed towards increasing our customer base?

I would say that this is probably my weaker area in the strategic objectives. I feel that I have worked really hard to retain customers and their loyalty, but I am not really sure how I could really help that much to increase the customer base.

Well, Di, I know from your responsibility that you do not actively market our product or service, but I know that you deal specifically with our web design. And what we could do is... Well, having made the search online myself, I have acknowledged that our company is not coming up first on the search tab. So, it would be quite nice for you in your responsibility to implement a better way in order for maybe myself, or our customer base, when they do that search, that we will be at least on the first page. But if not, at the top, that would be a great idea. Do you feel like you would be comfortable in being able to implement something to achieve that?

Yes. I am aware that we are not on the first page, and this is something we do need to look at. But it is just something that I simply have not had the time to do at the moment.

Okay. Well, I understand. Well, from my situation, Di, I am here to help you. And as mentioned before, this is about you and about what I can do to help you better off. What could I do to help you, Di?

Well, I have been thinking for a while that I need to consider the management of my time so that I can fit in all I need to do in the time I have.

Alright. Yeah, that sounds great. And how can we do this?

Well, I have been looking online, and I have seen a number of time management training sessions. Maybe I could attend one of these.

Sounds great. What I will do is I will make a note of that, Di. First of all, I will need to speak to the budget holder. I will do that after the meeting, and then we will see if we can accommodate something.

Brilliant. Thank you, Damien.

It is alright. So, are you happy to move on with the behavioural objectives?

Yep, absolutely.

Alright, so Di, your behavioural objectives are: To use your own initiative in the workforce, without being asked, of course; to see what you can do to better off work within a team. And of course, to think of innovative ways of working together. What do you think? What are your thoughts?

Well, I do feel this is an area that I have excelled in. I have worked in this industry for many years, and I really enjoy helping our customers. I feel that I have improved many processes and delivered great customer service. When I started in this role, I was unsure of a lot of the processes, so I wrote them down. And now this document has been given to all new employees as a form of a guidance document. I like helping my colleagues and seeing them take pride in the work they do, and if I can continue in this, I will be very happy.

Excellent. Well, Di, I really appreciate your response. And having reviewed your work over the last couple of weeks, we have acknowledged that you have been working beyond hours, you have been working late. And so, on behalf of myself and the management team, we would like to thank you for your hard work and effort. We really appreciate that.

Well, thank you. I had not realised anyone had actually noticed. But thank you, it is great to be appreciated.

Not a problem. Yeah, we really appreciate you going the extra mile, we really do. So, we will move on, Di. So, we will call this section three part of our appraisal. Let us talk more about your personal objectives now. How do you feel like you have performed over the last 12 months?

I do not think I really set myself very challenging personal objectives the last year, which is something I do want to redress this year. I did want to shadow my colleagues in three different departments, which I have done, but I must say I did not attend the training courses that I was supposed to.

Okay. Is there any reason why you did not go?

Simply due to the amount of time it would have meant away from the office. As you know, it is really busy at the moment, and I did not want the team to suffer because I was not there.

Okay, well, I understand your concern, you are worried about the team. And we would like you to concentrate on yourself, and your own personal goals, and what you can achieve to enhance the customer base, our company itself. And so, try not to worry about the team, leave that to me and I will see if I can tend to their needs. I want you to develop your skills, Di.


Are you happy with that?

Yeah, thanks. I will now attend any courses you think may help me.

Okay, great. Well, that really, Di, that concludes our 12 months, of your previous 12 months. So, what we will do now is now we will start talking about next 12 months.

Okay, great. I am looking forward to getting started.

Alright. Thanks for your input, Di. I really appreciate that. Let us set some more personal objectives. So, let us see. Other than the time management course that we have mentioned, is there anything else you have in mind?

At the moment, I do not really have anything else in mind. Is there anything maybe you could suggest for me?

What have you enjoyed over the last 12 months?

Oh, there have been lots of things, but I suppose the best thing was bringing in the improvements within the office and helping to help the team to improve the service that we provide for our customers.

Alright, okay. I thought you might say that, actually. But I guess I have an idea that I could possibly run past you.

Oh, great.

Let us see. We have, actually... We have some projects coming up. And they look specifically at the service efficiency of the service. So, what we can do is we have actually some dedicated project managers coming in. So, I was thinking maybe you would like to be involved in that.

Oh, that sounds really exciting. Yeah, I would love to have a go at that, please.

Yeah, let me jot that down. Great. Alright. Well, we would love to have you on board, Di, that would be great.

Thank you.

What we can do, just let me make a note here, we will set that as one of your personal objectives. Okay, so, is there anything else that we can discuss before we move on?

No, I do not think so. I think we have covered everything.

No? Alright, great. Di, let us see. So, I have made a note here, actually, and it is a summary of what we have spoken about. And maybe you can, in the end, let me know how you feel and whether these are right and specific to yourself. So, I have made the note, and the summary of our meeting, especially for your achievements and your goals, is to develop an implementation of a number of process improvements. Also, by helping the reputation of the business by serving the customers as well as exceeding their expectations. I have down as well as the development area, to ensure that our website can easily be found when we do a search, or when our customer base searches. We have your personal objectives and feel free to review your notes, see if they correlate with mine. So personal objectives are the time management course that we would like to have you on. I have made the note that I will speak to the budget holder, and I will probably get back to you sometime next week. Also, your involvement with the process improvement projects, I have got that down. And I think that sums up what we have discussed. So, are you happy with the summary, Di?

Yes. Yes, I think that is a fair comment of my performance in the past year.

Okay. Excellent. Well, Di, thank you so much for all your hard work and effort that you have put into our company. We really look to invest our efforts into our employees and we can see that all the extra hours that you have done and all the hard work and the innovative ideas that you have come up with, and we really look forward to being able to achieve your goals over the next 12 months. So, thank you.

Thank you, Damien. And thank you, you and the company for being so supportive of me.

That is alright.